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5 Slightly Different Freelance Writing Jobs | 26 March 2024

'Five of this week's paying freelance writing jobs from across the web that are slightly different to the usual gigs that are typically available.'

Helping You Master Content Strategy Creation For Your Writing Clients

Beginner Italian Content Writing | Education Perfect

You'll be an experienced, passionate educator able to support the development of high-quality content for our Beginner Languages courses. You'll be experienced in, and enjoy making your own resources and lessons. Pay = $300 NZD per completed lesson script.

Astronomy YouTube Channel Scriptwriter | Electrify Video Partners

You'll be researching various topics related to science, physics, mathematics, and astronomy, and propose video ideas. You'll also be writing, revising, and editing scripts for videos. Check pay.

Freelance Copywriter (English/Danish) | Royal Copenhagen

Are you a creative freelance copywriter who is fluent in both English and Danish? You'll be supportingt Royal Copenhagen’s brand team on various projects. They are looking for a positive individual with a sharp pen and a creative mindset, and prefer that you come with an agency background. Check pay.

Freelance Writers | Wealth Of Geeks

If you already make money with Lego, video games, D&D, cosplay, attending comic cons, or anything else geeky, you'll be writing guides on how to monetise your passions. Pay = $450 USD plus bonus for images. (1500 word min).

Freelance Classical Music Writers | Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival organisers are looking for writers who are passionate about classical music and/or opera and identify as being from a background currently underrepresented in these art forms. You'll be writing features, biographies, and event copy that celebrate the performing arts. Pay = GBP 20 pence per word exclusive of VAT.

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

Lindy Alexander is a social worker turned successful writer. I listened to her share her journey into writing as a career with podcast host, Ed Gandia, and found it fascinating. She talks about her approach to mixing journalism and content marketing and making a successful career out of it.

You can listen in here: Crossing Paths: Lindy Alexander’s Secrets to Succeeding with Journalism and Content Marketing

Courses For Freelance Writers

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

  • start getting paid for your writing
  • become a better writer
  • get more clients
  • turn your writing skills into a business that lets you have more choice in life

I mentioned Lindy Alexander in the section above. Not only is she a successful writer, but she also helps other writers be successful as well. I personally have been through her "Write and Sell a Personal Essay" and what she has to say is spot on. You can find out more about her course here.

We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing.

Important: We scan the best freelance writing jobs from across the web every week. Any correspondence, questions, contracts and agreements should be made with the person or company you apply through. Always read the job conditions carefully. We are not in any way liable or responsible for any misunderstandings or malpractice.

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