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Freelance Editing
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Freelance Editing Opportunities

Please Note: these roles are advertised as being remote. However, please read the fine print, as some of them require you to be in the United States (or other countries) and others simply want you to be authorised to work in that country.

Staff Editor, NHL (Remote) | The Athletic

Posted 17 June 2024

You will be heavily involved in day-to-day coverage of National Hockey League, including editing and publishing of content, writing breaking news, and collaborating with writers and editors. 

Bilingual Health Editor (Spanish) | TEKSystems

Reposted 17 June 2024

You'll be supporting the development of consumer health content and lead development of Spanish consumer health content.

Freelance Content Producer(s) | Good Wolf

Posted 13 June 2024

You'll be cleaning up and polishing content for a site launch. Expertise in home decor or luxury space is a plus but not required.

Freelance/Contract Editor | Investopedia

Posted 13 June 2024

You'll be working with the senior editor to edit investing platform reviews and roundups, and educational investing content.

Editor/Sr Editor, Inklore (Open to Remote) | Global Pop Comics

Reposted 12 June 2024

You'll be managing partner relationships in east Asian territories and edit 8-12 titles per year on the manga and manhwa localization list.

Tips From The Experts
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Tips From The Experts

Editor Breaks Down Their Idea Of A Great Pitch

I came across this post on X/Twitter, courtesy of James Durston’s weekly newsletter “What Editors Want”. In the post, an editor breaks down a pitch from a travel writer and explains why it’s so good. Definitely worth a read.

Calls For Pitches
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Calls For Pitches

Freelance Writers | lovePROPERTY

Date Posted: 11 June 2024

You'll be brimming with great ideas and excited to tell compelling stories using great photography.

Writing Work (Remote)
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Remote Writing Gigs/Jobs

Freelance Writers | Insider

Posted 13 June 2024

Two requirements here ... be able to write and be an American parent living in Spain.

Web Content Writer | Insight Global

Date Posted: 13 June 2024

You'll be developing modern content for large websites with multiple departments and sizable portfolios of services, informational assets, and application. And you'll be creating high level content strategies that focus on logical taxonomies, streamlined user journeys, and human-focused design.

Freelance Tech Journalist/Copywriter | Product Knowledge

Date Posted 12 June 2024

Product Knowledge are looking for a freelance tech journalist/copywriter to help write thought pieces for their clients.

Become A Better Writer
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Start Your Paid Writing Career

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

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Get Into Travel Writing

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Learn How To Write About Yourself And Get Paid For It

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Full Disclosure: Some of the resources are ones we've put together for you, based on our experience and expertise. When we recommend resources not created by us, we only recommend things (like courses and books) that we've found helpful for our own businesses.

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