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Do you have writing skills AND experience in an industry or profession? And you're looking for ways to get paid for your writing? Here are resources that will help you do that.
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Are you wanting to turn your writing skills into an actual business ... one where you get paid to do what you love?

And you'd really appreciate any tips, advice or resources that will help you do that in the fastest time possible?

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My colleague, Treasa Edmond and I have been collating these resources and know from experience how useful they are.

Treasa is a very experienced ghost writer. She knows a ton about building a sustainable writing business, dealing with clients (and their expectations) and getting paid what you're worth.

She is collaborating with me (and Freelance Writers Online) to help you grow YOUR writing business ... whether as a part-time side-hustle or full-on full-time career.

Treasa Edmond, Founder of Boss Responses

You can find out more about Treasa at her Boss Responses website.

And I'm Trudy Rankin, Founder of Online Business Liftoff, which helps solopreneurs, coaches, course creators, experts (like you) and small business owners grow their business to the size they want it.

I've been writing and getting paid for it since my children were very small. Several years ago I decided to make the leap from my career in the corporate C-suite to self-directed business owner. And I've never looked back.

Being your own boss is hard work, but very rewarding.

And I love sharing what I've learned with you and others brave enough to want to be their own boss. So click on the button below to access our list of curated resources.

Trudy Rankin, Founder of Online Business Liftoff
Full Disclosure: Some of the resources are ones we've put together for you, based on our experience and expertise. When we recommend resources not created by us, we only recommend things (like courses and books) that we've found helpful for our own businesses.

Some of the links to the resources listed are affiliate links. That means that if you click the link and decide to purchase that resource, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For which we thank you, as it helps us continue our mission of helping people like you earn a living from your writing skills and life experience.