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3 Freelance Writing Gigs | 14 May 2024

'Three of this week's well-paying freelance writing jobs from across the web.'

Helping You Master Content Strategy Creation For Your Writing Clients

Very-Very-Technical, Technical Writer | Coinkite

Coinkite are looking for a very technical writer to update and maintain COLDCARD's documentation. This would be a part-time gig for someone looking to “own” them (aka look after) for years. Check pay.

Freelance B2B Medical Comms Writer | SomX

SomX is a London-based communications and creative agency elevating healthcare. They looking for freelance biotech and medical writers (for the future) with deep scientific knowledge of genomics, RNA, and small molecule drug discovery. Send send your biotech/medical writing portfolio and your day rate.

Freelance Content Writers | For An Education Tech Project

The project leader is looking for freelance content writers with deep science of reading knowledge. Huge plus+ if you have LETRS training, decodable books in your portfolio, and experience with upper elementary reading. Check pay

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

Jessica Mudditt is a journalist, author and publisher. Listen in as Jessica talks to Lynne Testoni and Rachel Smith on their Content Byte podcast. Particularly about starting her own publishing business, Hembury Books, which provides coaching and ghostwriting services to non-fiction authors.

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