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Paid Freelance Writing Opportunities | 4 June 2024

'Six of this week's freelance writing opportunities from across the web.'

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Tips From The Experts

I came across this post on X/Twitter, courtesy of James Durston’s weekly newsletter “What Editors Want”. In the post, an editor breaks down a pitch from a travel writer and explains why it’s so good. Definitely worth a read.

Calls For Pitches

Freelance Writers | GlamourMagUK

Glamour Mag UK is looking for intriguing, clicky, confessional first-person pieces. Award winning writer, Lindy Alexander, teaches in her Foundations of Freelance Writing mini-course (affiliate link) that writing about your own experiences can be one of the easiest ways to start building your writing portfolio. So why not have a crack at pitching GlamourMagUK? Rates = £200 for op-eds and £300 for more investigative pieces that involve research, case studies and experts.

Freelance Writers | Digital Frontier

Digital Frontier wants some culture-tech stories. They are looking for freelance pitches on subjects where tech (not just AI) is changing the way we engage with arts, politics, sport and society. Check rates.

American Parents Living Abroad | Business Insider

Business Insider is looking for American parents living abroad to share their experience of summer camp/summer vacation with kids outside of the US. Check rates.

Remote Writing Gigs

Video Game Writers | Seismic Squirrel Games

You’ll be producing compelling stories and writing engaging dialog for their vehicular RPG game @AetherAndIron, set in an alternate history 1930s New York. Check pay.

Bilingual Copywriters | Organisation Not Specified

You‘ll be writing blog posts about natural skin care in English and Spanish. Check pay.

Digital Copywriter (Temp) | Therabody

You’ll be crafting persuasive product descriptions, headlines, CTAs and other digital content that resonate with our target audience and drive conversion, plus optimizing copy for search engines (SEO) and paid search (SEM) to improve visibility and drive traffic. Check pay.

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

  • start getting paid for your writing
  • become a better writer
  • get more clients
  • turn your writing skills into a business that lets you have more choice in life

Write About Yourself And Get Paid For It

Image shows the cover of the course entitled "The Ultimate Guide To Getting Published And Paid For Writing Personal Essays (Without Any Experience).  Text says "Write and sell a personal essay.  The quickest way to get an article in top-tier publications without 'experience'.  Learn how to write and pitch an article about a quirky, funny, inspiring, powerful, evocative, challenging, revealing, emotional or life-changing experience you've had.

Not only is Lindy Alexander a successful writer, but she also helps other writers be successful as well. I personally have been through her "Write and Sell a Personal Essay" and what she has to say is spot on. You can find out more about her course here.

We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing.

Important: We scan the best freelance writing jobs from across the web every week. Any correspondence, questions, contracts and agreements should be made with the person or company you apply through. Always read the job conditions carefully. We are not in any way liable or responsible for any misunderstandings or malpractice.

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