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Growing Your Business Strategically (No Secrets Here!)

Setting clear, actionable business goals is crucial for your growth, success, and satisfaction. Goals provide direction, help you focus on what's important, and help you to measure your progress.
Growing Your Business Strategically (No Secrets Here!)
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Have you ever felt like you're doing, doing, doing in your business but never getting anywhere? I have. It's not a good feeling. The good news is, I finally figured out what the problem was—I lacked clear direction. If you have the same issue, you might need to set some business goals. Setting clear, actionable business goals is crucial for your growth, success, and satisfaction. Goals provide direction, help you focus on what's important, and help you to measure your progress.

Why do you need business goals?

  1. Goals provide direction and focus. Clear goals give you a roadmap to follow, helping you concentrate your efforts on what truly matters.
  2. Motivation is often the difference between dreaming and doing. Setting and achieving goals provides a sense of accomplishment, boosting your motivation to tackle new challenges.
  3. Concrete measurement helps you define success.\: By defining specific objectives, you can track your progress, evaluate your performance, and adjust your strategies as needed.
  4. Growth is goals in action. Goal setting encourages you to push beyond your comfort zone, fostering personal and professional development.

How do you decide what your business goals should be?

The first thing you should do is reflect on your vision and your values. Consider what matters most to you in your freelance business. What are your core values, and what vision do you have for your future, both in your business and your personal life.

Then you need to assess your current situation. Set aside time to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to understand where you stand and what you can leverage or improve.

Then it's time to set your goals. But you don't want to set just any goals. Make sure they are SMART goals. Structure your goals so they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

You'll want to set a mix of short-term objectives and longer-term goals. The key is making sure your short-term objectives lead to your broader, long-term aspirations.

Articulate your goals clearly and record them. Written goals are more likely to be remembered and achieved.

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Setting goals should be a process, not a project

Can you just sit down and write out five goals for your business?


Should you?


Setting your goals is a process that takes deliberate though and reflection. If you rush it, your goals won't be as effective and they sure won't be fun to work on.

Setting goals is an ongoing process

The process of setting business goals is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing, dynamic activity that should be integrated into your routine.

And make sure once you’ve set goals that you keep them visible! Put them on a post-in on the wall in your office, make a desktop wallpaper, or write them in your daily planner. They should serve as a constant reminder of where you're heading.

When I set my goals, I like to end my goal-setting session by adding a meeting to my calendar in six months to reassess them. As your business evolves, your goals will too. The only way you can make sure they are still relevant is to sit down and do a reassessment to make sure they continue to align with your vision and values.

Remember, there's no rush.

Success doesn't happen overnight, and it's the small, consistent steps that will ultimately lead you to your larger aspirations.

Keep pushing, keep evolving, and most importantly, keep believing in yourself. You're on a journey of growth and every step you take is progress.

And be gentle with yourself. There will be times when you might veer off track or face setbacks. That's all part of the process. What matters is your resilience and your will to get back on track and move forward.

If you struggle with the idea of setting goals for your business, we have a FREE mini-course that guides you through the process! Just respond to this email and let us know you want access, and we’ll send you an email in the next week with the course information.

Setting goals for your business is exciting. It's your roadmap, your guide, your motivation.

Forge ahead with confidence and remember—you've got this!

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