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3 Freelance Writing Jobs | 24 October 2023

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Freelance Content Writer | L2T Media

You'll be pumping out SEO-friendly blog posts and web copy for the automotive industry. And you'll be researching vehicle specs, news stories and events to incorporate into the content. So if you're into automobiles of whatever make and size, this might be the perfect opportunity to indulge your hobby and get paid. This is an entry level position, so check the pay.

Email/Blog Writer | Real Estate Industry

You'll be writing copy for marketing material, product descriptions, website/app copy, email campaigns and more. Includes a weekly blog. Fifteen hours per week. Pay = $30-$45/hour

UX Copywriter (Healthcare) | Marketing and Advertising Industry

You will be creating health content for a hospital system, ranging from emotionally impactful brand narrative to technical copy. Must have health industry experience. Two month contract at 40 hours per week. Pay = $55-$70/hour.

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