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Do Your AI Skills Need Sharpening?

Feeling like AI is leaving you behind? Or worried that it will make it harder to get good writing gigs? Find out how to level up your AI skills.
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If you're like most people with an ear to the ground, you'll have heard about ... and maybe played with ... AI tools. I certainly have.

I've been experimenting with tools like DALL-E2 and ChatGPT.

The result?

The AI generated images creep me out and I've decided that my time is better spent on the writing side of things.

I have a podcast (Online Business Launchpad) and I repurpose each podcast episode to create a lot of useful content.

It takes a ton of time and effort.

So I've spent hours trying to get ChatGPT to do things like turn podcast transcripts into 1st draft blog posts (#fail), summarise discussion points (#notalwaysgreat) and create attention grabbing headlines (#oftenworks).

I haven't bothered to try to get ChatGPT to write anything that's "finished" (i.e. final draft) work.


Because if you believe everything you hear about how AI is going to do all your writing for you, you're in for a big rude shock.

A lot of the content ChatGPT produces is pure rubbish. And when it comes to getting facts and sources right, BEWARE. I've seen it come up with some real howlers.

So, as I've learned what ChatGPT can and can't do, I've realised that the secret to saving time and effort with this potentially amazing tool is this ... you have to understand exactly HOW to tell it what you want it to do.

And that is not as straightforward as you might hope.

So here's some online training I think you might be interested in.

Steven Lewis is a very experienced copywriter. I first met him when he did a well-presented and thoughtful training on AI for a community that I am a member of. And (I discovered later) he'd written some really good website copy for one of my clients (pre-AI).

Steven's been using AI in his own agency since early 2022 (that's pre-ChatGPT).

As a result, he has had a long time to work out how to squeeze the most from tools like ChatGPT. And he's given many clients the insider's tour, sharing with them frameworks and prompts he and his copywriters have developed for their own work.

Now, Steven's offering those same secrets in his ChatGPT Mastery course, including:

➡️ Using ChatGPT's deep knowledge to uncover insights into the audience you write for, insights you can use to create laser-sharp communication

➡️ Creating a bottomless list of topics for emails, social media, blog posts and all the other places where well-written, targeted copy is needed.

I won't go on because there's a ton of detail on the course page if you're interested in futureproofing your writing skills with ChatGPT. You can see those details here:

Please note that I was so impressed with Steven's training that we've become an affiliate for his courses. So if you click on the link and decide to purchase the ChatGPT Mastery course, we will get a small commission, for which we thank you and it's at no extra cost to you.

Steven's run this live ChatGPT Mastery course for coaches, consultants, marketers, global law firms, business development managers, software companies and others.

It's really a course for everyone who has something to communicate and who'd like to do it faster, more confidently and more effectively.

If you are interested and do the course, let me know how you go.

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