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7 Reasons Freelance Writing Clients Aren’t Hiring You

7 Reasons Freelance Writing Clients Aren’t Hiring You

Getting a freelance writing job is nice. Know what’s better? Getting a freelance writing client – and therefore consistent, regular work.
4 min read
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What to Charge Freelance Writing Clients

How to work out your hourly rate, how to adapt it per project — plus why and when you should turn down freelance writing work.
4 min read
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How to Pitch for Freelance Writing Jobs

Whether you're responding to freelance writing jobs or sending a pitch by email, tick each one off before you hit send on that pitch.
4 min read
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Why You Can (and Should) Become a Freelance Writer

Whether you become a freelance writer on the side while working another job, or you decide to go full-time, here are some simple truths to help you along the way.
3 min read