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Done Is Better Than Perfect

Do you struggle with perfectionism to the point where it's stopping your achieving your goals for your writing business?
Image says Are you a perfectionist?  Always chasing the  non-existent pot of gold before hitting publish?"

Do you ever feel like you can't publish anything or go live with your writing business website or sales funnel until everything is "perfect"?

If so, you're not alone. 

Perfectionism is one of the biggest momentum killers I know of. 

And dealing with it can be tough.

I saw something the other day that made me think about having to deal with my own perfectionist tendencies.

My husband and I enjoy watching YouTube videos of people over in Europe who are renovating old buildings ( I know, it's sooooo much easier to watch, than actually do) 🤣.

And the pictures these people share often have one thing in common.

The foundations of their buildings are made out of these massive rough cut stones. 

There's nothing pretty about them. 

They are there to hold up the building and that's it.

Image shows a rough stone wall with weeds growing in the cracks

Those stones look like whoever made them didn't have very many tools (or skills) to work with.

BUT ...

The basement walls sitting on the foundation stones look a little more refined. 

And the first floor is starting to look passable.

And the top levels look polished and amazing.

Those top stories look like they were built by master craftspeople with every tool at their disposal.

And it's like that with our businesses.

You probably started out with no (or few) writing or business skills and probably couldn't afford too many tools beyond whatever you used to build your website. 

But now, look at you!

Think about all the things you can do now that you've been working on your writing and your business for awhile. 

Your work is looking more polished.

And you're tackling harder stuff ... things you would have NEVER tried a year ago.

So if you're struggling with perfectionism, I encourage you to step back, look at where you've come from ... and then hit publish on whatever it is you've been procrastinating on getting out into the world.

And then celebrate.  Tis the season 😊

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