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New Skills Opportunity And 4 Freelance Writing Jobs | 28 Nov 2023

'News about how you can build ChatGPT skills that will let you offer more services to clients plus 4 of the best freelance writing jobs we've found from across the web for this week.'

If you're looking to provide more writing-based services to your clients, knowing how to maximise AI tools like ChatGPT is a must.

Image says "One Black Friday Deal You Won't Want To Miss

So many business owners feel overwhelmed by all the hype around AI, EVEN THOUGH they know they should be trying to use these new tools to find new customers and make sales.

So when you step up and say "hey, would you like a hand with that?" they are going to be so grateful.

Steven Lewis is a marketing expert who makes a full-time living doing what he does best...writing emails that sell. He's also really good at getting ChatGPT to make his work life easier.

And we've joined forces for this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday so you can have access to his ChatGPT Mastery course, PLUS some fantastic bonuses, (one of which is an upcoming course that your fellow Freelance Writers Online people told us they wanted ... and that's how to turn your writing side-hustle into a sustainable business).

These live workshops will teach you how to use ChatGPT to save yourself and your clients time when creating content and more.

Last date for signup is midnight this coming Thursday 30th of November (GMT).

Don't miss out!

4 Writing Jobs For You

Copywriter | zengig

This is a 4-6 month project. You'll have experience in higher education, human resources, recruiting, or career services. And you'll be writing web copy, plus various other media. Pay = $40-$50/hour.

Freelance Copywriter | TransPerfect

TransPerfect are looking for experienced copywriters with a focus on travel and hospitality to join our freelance team on an exciting project (content creation for a new website) for a major cruise line. Project kickoff is 1st of December. Check pay.

Remote Creative Copywriter | Entermotion

You'll be acting as sort of an internal journalist to dig for and tell the stories of Entermotion's success. Plus the copywriting tasks like creating support articles and doing sales site copy. Check pay.

Freelance Feature Writer | PSA Magazine

Do you love collectibles? For this gig, you'll be telling the stories of enthusiasts who are deeply dedicated to their collecting pursuits. We are looking for someone with a strong understanding of the world of trading cards, as well as other collectibles. Check pay.

Important: We scan the best freelance writing jobs from across the web every week. Any correspondence, questions, contracts and agreements should be made with the person or company you apply through. Always read the job conditions carefully. We are not in any way liable or responsible for any misunderstandings or malpractice.