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4 Freelance Writing Jobs | 5 Oct 2023

'This week's highest paying freelance writing jobs from across the web.'

I hope you're having an amazing week.  Here are some potentially interesting freelance writing jobs from across the web.  Happy pitching!

Entry Level Writing Gigs

If you're at the beginning stage of your writing career and you're looking for entry level work that will help you build your portfolio, these roles might be just right for you.

Bilingual Contract Writer | Medavie Blue Cross

As an entry level contract writer, you will be trained how to construct standard policy agreements and booklets for Medavie Blue Cross (who are in the insurance industry).  Must be willing to commit for the longer term, have good grammar skills and be fluent in English and French.  Check pay.

Freelance Writer | IAPWE

You'll be creating articles and blog posts on quite a wide ranging variety of topics.  You can choose topics that you have experience in.  Pay = $20 per 100 words (this comes out to approximately $100 per article or $50 per hour).

Expert Level Writing Gigs

Freelance Expert Blog Writer | Alibaba

You will be crafting in-depth, high-caliber articles that offer valuable insights to our Alibaba.com buyers on topics such as: Sports, Home & Garden, Apparel & Accessories, Beauty, Mother, Kids & Toys, Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Sales & Marketing, Logistics, etc.  You'll enjoy B2B writing and have a a Bachelor’s Degree or higher plus SEO writing experience.  Pay = $300-$2,000/month USD.

Long Shot Writing Gigs

Long shots gigs are writing opportunities which require expertise that's SO specialised that not many people would have what it takes to win the work.  However, these roles can pay really well.  And you never know, one of these long shot gigs might just be the right one for you and your skills.

Freelance Writers/Pattern Makers | Knitty

Knitty pays for knitting and crochet patterns (inclulding Tunisian crochet).  They are soliciting patterns for their Spring+Summer issue which goes live in early March 2024.  Pay = $300 USD/pattern.

Important: We scan the best freelance writing jobs from across the web every week. Any correspondence, questions, contracts and agreements should be made with the person or company you apply through. Always read the job conditions carefully. We are not in any way liable or responsible for any misunderstandings or malpractice.