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4 Freelance Writing Jobs | 16 April 2024

'Four of this week's interesting freelance writing jobs from across the web.'

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Travel/Lifestyle Writers | Time Out UK / London

Time Out UK / London are looking to commission a few features this month. Pitches should be based on original reporting across culture/lifestyle/city-related issues, ideally with appeal for Apple News / Google Discover audiences. Check pay.

Bid Writer (Part-Time) | Best Beginnings

Working with the Head of Fundraising, you will focus on identifying new funding opportunities, planning approaches, gathering information, and writing high quality, compelling applications, to generate additional income for us to further develop our services. Pay = £12,800 pro-rated per annum, (£32,000 FTE per year).

Freelance UX Writer | Health System

A recruiter is looking for a Freelance UX Writer for a health system (3-6 Months), It would start at 25 hours weekly and may grow. Hours are flexible. The freelance UX writer will report directly to the design team and can work remotely for the duration. Pay = $40-60/HR 

Freelance Federal Grant Writer (US) | New_Public

New_Public is looking for an expert freelance grant writer with experience in federal grants – ideally federal science grants.  Check pay.

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

The Content Byte podcast hosts, Lynne Testoni and Rachel Smith chat with Lisa Almond, a copywriter and paramedic about:

  • Her background in writing and journalism
  • What appealed to her about being a paramedic
  • Training in a new career while balancing existing work and family
  • How she juggles both roles
  • How she plans to include her paramedic knowledge into her writing
  • Some of her stories from the frontlines of emergency first aid

Listen in here on:

Courses For Freelance Writers

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

  • start getting paid for your writing
  • become a better writer
  • get more clients
  • turn your writing skills into a business that lets you have more choice in life


Check out Lindy Alexander's FREE "5 Easy Magazine Features)". If you haven't pitched a feature story idea before, this will help you get started. You can find out more about her FREE mini-course here (affiliate link).


And here's my own introductory Quiz Funnel Copywriting course. If you've ever been interested in getting into quiz marketing lead generation, but weren't sure what was involved, this course will pull back the covers for you and show you what to expect.

Image shows a laptop, notebook and pen, plant and coffee mug with the words "Introduction To Quiz Funnel Copywriting"

We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing.

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