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3 Freelance Writing Jobs You Might Love | 14 Feb 2024

'Three of this week's well-paying freelance writing jobs from across the web.'

Image shows Steven Lewis in a blue polo neck shirt and the text says "become a more persuasive writer, communicator and marketer.  Take the ChatGPT Mastery course with professional copywriter and AI copywriting expert, Steven Lewis

Fiction Writers (and Translators) | Adi Magazine

Adi Magazine are looking for short fiction about the past, present, and future of disobedience to orthodoxies of all kinds – from political doctrines to religious creeds to artistic or intellectual frameworks. They want stories of the rebellions, heresies, theoretical revolutions, and moments of civil disobedience that catalyze this world and alternative worlds.  Pay varies depending on length.

Freelance Writer | The Markup

The Markup is seeking pitches for stories on how misinformation impacts immigrant communities, especially non-native English speakers, in the United States, as a part of our “Languages of Misinformation” series. Pay is $1 USD / word based on estimated word count.

Freelance Writer | Gray

You'll be conducting in-depth, independent research adn creating web content on industry/market trends. Bonus points if you've got experience in industry sectors like advanced technology manufacturing, food & beverage processing, distribution, data centers, and battery/energy. Check pay.

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

Amy Ragland started freelancing in 2002, when digital marketing wasn’t a thing yet. She started her freelance journey writing copy and content for old-school hard copy materials like brochures, magazines and physical newsletters.

Over the next 15 years, she freelanced part-time on the side while working and raising her young daughters. She decided to make the jump to full-time freelance in 2017 and hasn’t looked back. Today, Amy writes content and copy for the financial services industry, crafting content for wealth management firms, banks and WealthTech providers through her company, Luminary Financial Content LLC.

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We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing.

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