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Image shows a drawing of stacked coins with upward arrows and says "The 1% Up technique How to increase your income

How To Grow Your Writing Business With The 1% UP Technique

How to consistently grow your business without spending a lot of time or energy (or money) by using the 1% UP technique.
2 min read
Start A Freelance Writing Career - Image shows a laptop and paper cup of coffee sitting on a small circular table

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career… Alongside a Day Job

Starting any new business venture is hard work. Add a day job to the equation and you’re looking at a few sleepless nights and some busy weekends. If you want to start a…
4 min read
Person holding bank note towards the camera.

What to Charge Freelance Writing Clients

How to work out your hourly rate, how to adapt it per project — plus why and when you should turn down freelance writing work.
4 min read
Girl wearing wings sitting against turquoise wall

Why You Can (and Should) Become a Freelance Writer

Whether you become a freelance writer on the side while working another job, or you decide to go full-time, here are some simple truths to help you along the way.
3 min read