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5 Freelance Writing Opportunities | 23 April 2024

'Five of this week's interesting freelance writing opportunties from across the web.'

Helping You Master Content Strategy Creation For Your Writing Clients

Freelance Writers | Wired Business

Wired is looking to commission exclusive, interesting and weird stories (about tech, business, business-tech). Check pay.

Journalists | Beat Academy

The Gill Foundation has partnered with @Poynter's Beat Academy to provide three grants ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 to support journalists interested in covering transgender issues.  Application due by May 3.

Lead Writer/Historian | Calexico Arts Council

You'll be in charge of collecting historical information from a wide range of sources such as books, artifacts, and letters in an effort to “help trace the history of the land, people, and culture from which the city of Calexico has evolved”. Check pay.

Artists Who Love Nature | National Landscapes Association

The "Nature Calling" project wants YOUR voice to celebrate nature in England's National Landscapes. If you're new to nature writing, this is your chance! Apply now for a Summer 2024 commission & inspire with your words.  

Sited outdoors predominantly, we are looking for artists with experience of working in the public realm /outdoors or in the landscape and engaging with communities, either in the lead up to the presentation, as part of the presentation and/or reflecting the communities and place in the presentation. Theatre makers, dance makers, sound artists, visual artists, musicians, digital artists, light artists, multi-disciplinary artists are all welcome to apply.

Freelance Health Writers | BlackDoctor.org

You'll need the to have previous experience writing for a Google-ranking health news website, as well as an understanding of clinical studies. Bonus points if you're a doctor or credentialed health care professional, but it's not a requirement). Pay rates start at $150 for shorter work and are commensurate with experience.

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

Gloria Chou PR

If you've ever wondered how to get PR for your writing business, I highly recommend that you watch Gloria Chou's Free PR Secrets masterclass. I learned a ton from it.

Gloria Chou helps small businesses go from unknown to being seen, heard, and valued without ever paying for ads or agencies.

After you've watched her masterclass, tune in to her "Small Business PR" podcast for more valuable PR tips.

Courses For Freelance Writers

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

  • start getting paid for your writing
  • become a better writer
  • get more clients
  • turn your writing skills into a business that lets you have more choice in life

Discover How To Write About Yourself And Get Paid

Next-Level Newsletters Webinar (It's Free)

Email marketing expert, Steven Lewis is not just a great writer, he’s also a good teacher. I’m on his email list and I can assure you, I open his emails because they are funny, engaging and on point.

I just attended his free Next-Level Newsletters webinar and walked away with a better understanding of how to structure my emails so that people will be much more likely to open them.

So if your niche is in writing marketing emails, sales emails or email newsletters, this free 90-ish minute webinar is for you.

And that’s it for today. We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing.

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