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3 Travel Freelance Writing Opportunities | 9 April 2024

'Three of this week's exciting travel freelance writing jobs from across the web.'

Helping You Master Content Strategy Creation For Your Writing Clients

Travel Writers | BBC Travel SpeciaList

Put this one in your "keep-going-back-to" basket. The BBC is looking for more spring, outdoor and cool (weather) destination SpeciaList pitches. You'll be doing 5-8 stop tours of a timely city (as defined by them) with cool (not niche) angles from the POV of a notable/trending local expert. Writer can't be specialist, no food/drink. Check pay - call-out says rates are competitive.

Travel Writers | Business Insider

Better move fast. Business insider is looking for pitches about CRUISES ⛴️ and the deadline is April 15th. Did you go on your first cruise and have a bad experience? Did you have the greatest trip of your life? Are you a seasoned cruiser who can give our readers some amazing tips? Pay rates start at $220 USD.

Travel Writers | World Travel Magazine

World Travel Magazine are interested in photos, videos, journalistic and editorial pieces, timely updates, and other unique travel content to share with their online followers. Be sure to scroll right down towards the bottom of the page to find the instructions for pitching your story idea. Check pay.

Courses For Freelance Writers

In this section we highlight and review courses that we know will help you:

  • start getting paid for your writing
  • become a better writer
  • get more clients
  • turn your writing skills into a business that lets you have more choice in life
Image shows a laptop and the screen shows a silhouette of a traveller pulling a carry-on suitcase.  Text says "Break into travel writing.  Your ticket to landing the best job in the world."  "90 minute training + 15 minute Q&A

This course will help you get started doing travel writing (and getting paid for it) straight away.

As a travel writer, Lindy Alexander has had all-expenses paid trips to Sweden, Fiji, Vietnam, Canada, the USA, the Philippines, India, Thailand and lots more.

She’s swum with turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, meditated with monks in Chiang Mai, slept in a castle in Jaipur, explored the floating villages of Bangkok on bike and plunged into the Baltic Sea after steaming in a Finnish sauna.

The best bit? She was paid for all of it. 

Lindy’s award-winning travel writing has appeared in major international and Australian publications like The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, AFAR, Travel + Leisure and lots more. 

Now she’s teaching you how you can become a travel writer (or get paid to write an article about your latest travels). No experience required!

In Lindy’s How to Break into Travel Writing (affiliate link), a recorded 90 minute training + 15 minute Q&A, you’ll learn:

  • The easiest and fastest way to break into travel writing
  • How writers get ‘hosted’ (or free) accommodation, flights and experiences
  • The different types of travel articles that get published
  • How to get on the ‘most wanted writer’ list for tourism bodies and public relations firms
  • Leverage one trip into multiple stories and multiple pay cheques
  • How to travel sustainably and write sensitively about destinations, experiences and people so you don’t venture into dangerous territory with your words
  • What editors are really looking for (3 editors spill the beans on what they really want from new travel writers)
  • How and where to pitch your ideas so that you get published ASAP!

You’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the training
  • A copy of the slides containing templates for how to pitch editors and the correct way to ask to be hosted (e.g. get free flights, accommodation and meals)
  • Travel writing glossary (so you use the right terminology when talking to editors and potential hosts)
  • Pay rates and contributor guidelines to 10+ travel publications who are looking for writers right now

The Road Less Travelled - Alternative Ways To Get Paid For Your Writing Skills

In this section, we highlight people who are successfully building businesses based on their (or other people's) writing skills.

Writer and writing coach, Ed Gandia, recently interviewed futurist, Kevin Surace, who has been working in the AI space for a very long time. They talked about AI, where it is, where it's going and why writers need to be really good at AI ... not for writing, but in knowing how to create effective prompts for their clients.

It's one of the most convincing arguments I've heard recently for why writers shouldn't be so worried about AI destroying their livelihoods. Well worth a listen.

#342: Futurist Kevin Surace on Why Writers Must Jump on the AI Bandwagon (and Why the Future Is Bright)

We hope you are inspired to get out there and start earning (or earning more) from your writing (especially travel writing).

Important: We scan the best freelance writing jobs from across the web every week. Any correspondence, questions, contracts and agreements should be made with the person or company you apply through. Always read the job conditions carefully. We are not in any way liable or responsible for any misunderstandings or malpractice.

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